The graphic design, catalog design and brochure design for your business have become more and more important, and its not longer a luxury but necessity. Businesses are looking for more cost effective ways to advertise themselves without giving up their reach, and many of them are looking back to the print that they once thought were obsolete.

The corporate recognition that a good brochure design brings when it is delivered into the mailbox or into the hand of a potential customer is something that the online world is still lacking. Even graphic design, which is usually connotative to mean digital design, is just as relevant to the world of print as it is to the world of zeros and ones.

Catalog design on the print medium today is actually quite inclusive of digital technology. At the very least, many business owners are including QR codes on their brochures and catalogs to connect their off-line marketing efforts to their online marketing efforts. At the very extreme, some businesses are including holograms and small gifs inside of their brochures, further bringing together the world of print and digitalization.

What makes this hybrid brochure or catalog even more attractive is that it can be delivered directly into the hands of potential customers. This guarantees a much higher response rate as it can be targeted to those customers that are most likely to purchase.

However, the technology of including digital aspects in a print catalog design is much less expensive than undertaking a full digital campaign. Although many people may think that placing eye-catching digital content in the print media may be prohibitively expensive, it is actually much less expensive than running a fully digitized online media campaign.

With the best of both worlds, targeted distribution and next level content, graphic design is definitely poised to make a comeback within the print medium over the next decade.