Graphic Design Firm

As a creative agency, graphic design is another layer to the experiential experiences ArtVersion creates. With an agile work methodology, all aspects of graphic design are crafted for a strong connection between a brand and their identity. From logo, package, and annual report designs to white papers, marketing collateral and tradeshow graphics, crafting innovative brand identities is the core outcome.

Graphic design on a laptop that reads "Going us Online." in orange text.

UX and UI Design to the Rescue

User interface design in a nut shell is the development of web based applications that are easy for users to understand that are not only functional but complete....

Creative Collaboration session in an office with seven people.

Internship Experience

By Kellie Julius ArtVersion Interactive, located on the third floor on Skokie Hwy doesn’t look like much on the outside but stepping inside one will notice there is...

An iPad, iPhone, cup of coffee, and flowers sit on top of a white desk.

Graphic Design Today

The graphic design, catalog design and brochure design for your business have become more and more important, and its not longer a luxury but necessity. Businesses are looking...

Packaging and Branding Design

Package Design And Branding Are Connected

As I walk down the aisles of a store, I often notice something that’s annoying: packages that were opened. The product is still inside. In many cases, the...

Conceptual design stage.

How Design Can Shape a Business

Graphic design is one of the most important aspects to any business. The ability to sell products and convey a message visually gives companies a creative edge over...