Having a new website designed or updating an old one is a very exciting time for your company! Yet many companies launch their new sites without any grand gestures or announcements. Why not use this opportunity to create some buzz and build anticipation? Customers love to know you’re constantly working to improve your business and will be curious to see what your new site looks like. Capitalize on this opportunity.

Start Building Excitement

One of the great things about having a new website designed is it will offer more than your old one. What are you improving upon? Usability, Navigation, Adding a blog or more engagement on Social media? The options are endless. Whatever you do decide to improve on is for your customers’ sake, not yours. So tell them about it! Let them know all the exciting new changes coming their way.

Ask For Recommendations

Perhaps when you’re first starting to think about your new site, you could let your customers in on the plan and ask what they would like to see. What about your site doesn’t click for them now? How can you make it better? This way you’ve created a full experience for customers and they feel like they are a part of your business. Nothing creates more brand loyalty than a feeling of togetherness.

Make Launch Day A Big One

The same day your new website goes live, offer some exciting deals. Post the news on all your social media sites. Send out an email blast to all your customers the very day your website goes up. You could even put the exciting news in your email signature for the first few weeks.

Leveraging this new website into more traffic and sales for your business is easier than many would think. Start working on making your new site a big deal from the beginning. Your bank account will thank you.