How to Merge Your Marketing and Sales with Your Website

Marketing Strategies

website marketing and sales

When promoting a business, there are many variables that will lead to results. Marketing a company is not just building a website.  Look back through your hard drive, you will find power point presentations, brochures, sales letters, operation manuals, direct mail, and so much more. All of these marketing materials are valuable. So why are they not on your website?

Step 1:

Merging your marketing and sales with your website is easier than many think. The first step is to go through all your past materials and decide what got you results and what didn’t. Any piece of literature or any presentations that resulted in an increase in sales or prospects should be put aside for further consideration.

Step 2:

Go through the literature and make sure everything is branded correctly. If you’ve updated logos or colors in the past years take the time to update them on all your old marketing materials as well.

Step 3:

Once you’ve identified the most important offline marketing pieces, and updated them to current design standards, it’s time to add them to the website. This can include building new pages to house them. Make sure visitors can easily find them. Don’t hide these new additions in the footer or deep in subpages. You could also offer them as free give-aways in exchange for visitors’ email addresses.

Adding offline materials online is a great way to synthesize all your marketing and sales efforts and result in further success for your company.