At the beginning of every year ArtVersion upgrades our website design. We’re hoping to roll out our new website in the next month or so.  Over the past few years, we’ve gotten questions from our clients asking why we do this. Here are the three main reasons we update our site once a year, and why you should consider doing it as well:

1.) Just like fashion, web design changes with the times. If you don’t update your look occasionally, one day you will wake up and realize your website is dressing in graphics that looked amazing three years ago but now look drab.  Outdated graphics are probably doing your site more harm than favors. By upgrading every year (just a facelift, not an entire redesign) you make certain to avoid falling down this rabbit hole.

2.) We like to start the year out with our creative juices flowing. December can often feel like a strange month. There are a lot of holidays, time off, and we come into work after New Year full of pent-up energy. We decide to use some of that energy toward our own redesign (although most of it goes to our clients). It’s nice to start out the year feeling fresh.

3.) In addition to our design, we upgrade parts of our content as well. Every business grows and changes throughout the year. We offer more services now than we used to and we approach projects a bit differently as well. As we learn more, our business practices change. We find it very important to update our copy to reflect our philosophies and offerings.

There you have the top three reasons we take the time and put in the effort to redesign our website every year. Sometimes years take longer than others to get the new design live, depending on what we have on our plate, but we make sure to give ourselves a facelift every year. Do you do the same?