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The most effective copywriting methods that turn visitors to users, an audience to fans. Content strategy for increasing conversion rates and promoting user engagement.

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A well-crafted content strategy has the power to generate roughly three times as many leads as outbound marketing, using less financial resources. Despite these statistics, research shows that only half of B2B marketers are currently focusing on web content as a part of their marketing initiatives, primarily because the strategies are not clearly defined.

Engaging copy is essential to any website. In this hyper-competitive environment, it is important that visitors have a high conversion rate, and become customers. People search the Internet for things they need. You should have original and informative web content that speaks to those needs. Does your copy EXPLODE and show that what you offer is new, exciting, and unforgettable? Let our creative copywriting team take your website to that engaging level where commerce meets emotion. Give your visitors a memorable experience and they will return.

Web copy

Professionally written web copy is essential to grab and hold interest, maximize response, and maintain your brand integrity. It needs to be concise, easy to understand, and most importantly it has to have a CTA. Writing has established itself as a powerful marketing tool that is already an essential component of any campaign. Combined with a relevant and well-designed presentation and visually pleasing elements, it’s a very effective way to convey the story and promote the brand message.

This is where we can help – from conceptualization to complete campaign writing, design, and development, we can provide exceptional stories that connect consumers.

Establish A Brand’s Personality

A great strategy will eventually personalize a brand. Popular brands have reworked their brands by publishing magazines, organizing contests, and creating avatars for their businesses. A great digital marketing agency should be able to identify what the target market will respond to and then craft a content strategy to fit that market. For startups, there is a great opportunity to convey the aspects that set your company apart from competitors.

Take the opportunity to convey the startup culture your business embodies. How is your company different, more desirable, more fun, and/or more trustworthy than others in the market? This is an opportunity for brands to go beyond typical corporate and ad speak. It provides the opportunity to make users feel they are engaging with people, not products and services.

The Most Effective Strategy Online

Much has been said of whether content marketing is the most effective strategy for growing a business online. While it is indeed effective, it has to be done properly. A content strategy that focuses on the target audience and what they need and want will stand a great chance to succeed. Mindlessly churning out content in an effort to look busy and important will almost always fail. As with nearly every other business endeavor, quality almost always trumps quantity.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to get in closer contact with customers. You only pay for people you are actually sending to rather than shooting out to the world at large. In this way, you can personalize emails to suit the particular interests of that customer instead of sending a generic brochure.

Our email marketing strategy ensures that the viewer will be interested and informed. Your emails will no longer end up in the junk folder. We help you engage your clients with refreshing and well-written email marketing strategies.

Content Curation

Aside from the approaches mentioned above, certain techniques and tools may be used, including content curation, social media platforms, and even question and answer sites. Content curation is the process of aggregating relevant content from both your own site and others to create regular “roundups” and resource pages that cover a topic from all angles. This is especially effective to bring the end of your marketing campaign together as a directory of sorts. Social media is self-explanatory. It is a means for promotion, networking, and an opportunity for engagement with your target market. For all the little updates that don’t justify their own piece of content, social media is a great way to spread your brand’s message.

Developing a Campaign

Here at ArtVersion, we can work side by side with your internal marketing team to create powerful and memorable marketing messages and graphics as well as create a content strategy that is tailored for your protocol product or service. Give us a call, let’s make something beautiful.

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