Heading into the Fall season, brands can make concentrated efforts to keep owned content running fresh. Websites and other corresponding digital channels can be tuned up for optimization. Jetpack by WordPress is a step in the right direction.

On the heels of over 5 million active installations (and counting), Jetpack is a leading WordPress plug-in created by Automattic, the site infrastructure powerhouse behind WordPress. Jetpack is loaded with practical site customization and security tools that equip websites with an edge.

With a profound legacy of web development and deep expertise in websites built on WordPress, ArtVersion offers some key insights on Jetpack’s relevance in the design space.

Seamless Security Detail

One of the major advantages of Jetpack is its 24/7 security features that monitor unauthorized logins and protect against brute force attacks. Jetpack takes website protective measures to the next level with malware scanning, code scanning and automated threat resolution that mitigates risk with confidence.

Elevated Transparency

At its core, Jetpack is designed to more adequately inform user experience. While ‘user experience’ is rightfully geared towards ‘users’, it can also be geared towards website administrators facilitating that experience. Jetpack’s advanced site statistics and analytics more accurately dissect characteristics of a target audience to keep websites on top of their game. Jetpack is also loaded with search engine optimization (SEO) tools that add layers of substance to a website’s compatibility within search engines.

Intuitive Site Management

With integration in official WordPress mobile applications, Jetpack provides users with the flexibility to manage a website from anywhere. The plugin contains site accelerator tools and a content delivery network that intends to decrease page loading times. Additionally, sites can be backed up either once daily or in real-time.

For brands with sights set on a refined digital approach rolling into the Fall season, the Jetpack plugin for WordPress could be the answer. With Jetpack for WordPress, retain an edge by equipping your website with meaningful performance firepower and reliable security measures.