• Do you need a new logo for your new product or venture?
  • Is your company logo representing your company at its best?
  • Is your logo brandable and easy to recognize?
  • Is your logo consistent in look and colors with all of your collateral materials?
  • Do you have set logo standards and are you, your associates and vendors implementing them in practice?
  • Do you feel that you should talk to visual branding specialists about strengthening your logotype?
  • Does your logo need an update or revamp?

Your logo represents your business. It is a huge reflection of your company and is the foundation of your brand. Your logo design should complement your company core values, ethics and vision.

Recognition is one of the main factors of successful branding. A strong identity, especially in logotype, strengthens your brand, making it recognizable to the target audience. Brand is what your customers experience and it is important that the experience is consistent for them. Your company branding and marketing efforts depend on visual consistency and a quality logotype that clearly represents your company. A good logo leads the viewer to the pertinent; it is what potential and existing clients memorize first and how they will accept your company.

A company with a weak or inappropriate logotype is the same as a house with a weak foundation. If your foundation is not built correctly, it will not support the structure – it is as simple as that. All of your marketing efforts will not bring desired results and basically all of your marketing dollars will be wasted.

A strong corporate image would strengthen your brand and increase recognition with the target audience.

Earlier, we mentioned consistency. A consistent look and implementation is as important as actual design. If your logotype is not represented in consistent manner, it will poorly reflect on your overall company image. Showing your audience that you are serious about your brand, and how it is presented at any given time, will positively reflect on your company values.

A company that uses an unarticulated logo design without a consistent look and feel is misrepresenting itself to its consumers, and is possibly rapidly losing its market share. End users will then think: If they are not serious about their own representation, how serious they will be with handling our business?

Setting logo standards and implementing those standards in practice is equally as valuable as the actual logo design that has been implemented.