Mobile, Mobile And More Mobile! Are You Prepared??

Mobile design of a iPhone home screen.

It’s inevitable that mobile web browsing will be king by 2015. If your company, business or brand isn’t considering mobile in 2012 you will be left in the dust. Mobile is set up to win with its convenience, price point, availability and the everyday users increasing trust of mobile shopping and banking your business should be thinking mobile, mobile and more mobile. It amazes me to see larger brands aren’t even running ads on mobile screens and video.

Cell phones are becoming the “Swiss army” knife of technology. From your phone you can now access the web, pay your bills, purchase a plane ticket, purchase a hotel room, access your internet, play your music, watch a movie and even market your business using social media and so on. Not only that there are more cell phones be activated a day then babies being born. That just shows you the sheer volume of the mobile market. Parents are giving their kids phones and tablets at younger ages than ever.

If you’re a retailer you should have simple purchase site that is equipped for iphone or androids as well as tablets. If you’re a local business you should either have a mobile site or a site developed with responsive web design so that your costumers can access your full site from any size screen tablet, laptop and phone.

Social networking we all know is a crucial part of any contemporary business marketing strategy and since 2007 time spent on social media has eclipsed that of email. People are using their mobile device to visit these sites and are constantly updated with tweets, facebook post and more directly to their phones. These sites provide valuable eyeballs and word of mouth to your marketing efforts.

If you don’t have a mobile strategy or website please contact a developer immediately. The mobile era is already don’t be left behind and unprepared for the future.

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