There are many new web trends that are making companies rethink their web design. These new design approaches are changing the way users interact with websites, users identify with the company brand, and how engagement is created. A few of the trends that are making waves include Parallex, storytelling and brand focused design.

What You Need to Know About Parallax Design

What is it? – Parallax design is a method of design that uses multiple layers of graphics at different speeds to create an animation. As the user scrolls down with his mouse, the images come together to create an animated presentation.

How it’s being used – This design method has been used for promotion websites, content marketing campaigns and sales pages. One of the best examples of it being used is a comic strip where the characters and the background is moving as you scroll down, resembling a flip book animated cartoon.

Results – Some of the biggest brands including Apple have used this design method to showcase their products with great results. The design method really makes a sales page interactive and allows companies to portray multiple aspects of their products to really wow potential customers.