If your goal is to partner up with influencers in your market, it’s ideal to tailor your message to their audience. While it is definitely easier to create a general customization based on multiple groups of audiences, it really does pay to tailor your message to each audience. In this case, you will want to tailor your brand to that audience to get the maximum ROI from your marketing campaigns. The challenge is in changing your branding strategy to suit each audience.

To really get an idea of how to tailor your brand, you have to really study the audience you are creating a campaign for. Try to find what brands they are fans of and the reasons why they like those brands. Listen in on forum conversations and social media posts to learn what they are looking for. Just keep in mind that tailoring your branding does not mean permanently changing your brand. It just means that you need to adjust various aspects of how your brand is being presented.

The perfect example of this is if you find that you are dealing with an educated audience. If you are selling a product or service and focusing on a sales-oriented approach due to the branding strategy that has already been set up, it may not work. You may have to tone done your message and focus on an informational approach that educates the audience and teaches them the advantages of your products or services.

Another important thing to pay attention to is the tone, voice and personality that the audience is used to. Study how the influencer communicates with his or her audience to get an idea of you should be communicating. Of course, you don’t want to be a carbon copy of the influencer. You just want to adapt certain traits that you feel that the audience really responds to.

If you are focusing on using a content marketing campaign together with the influencer, you want to make your research pay off. Don’t rely on random topics that you feel the audience may be interested in. Go back to the conversations that you’ve been studying on to get a solid idea of what topics they’re almost guaranteed to want to read. If you can work with the influencer, try to split test various content topics on small sample sizes of readers to see what works and release the winning topic to the rest of the readers.

Content marketing is an especially effective approach when used repeatedly. Sharing valuable content on the blog or social media accounts of the influencers get the readers to start identifying you as a credible and authoritative brand. The first share won’t really turn heads but if you are repeatedly sharing great content, you will eventually start to get recognized by the readers for all the right reasons.

The bottom line is that tailoring your brand is incredibly effective. It goes without saying that you should take your time in really understanding the audience to craft the best possible marketing message and a relevant brand positioning strategy. Although it is time consuming, it is worth the effort even for smaller subscriber numbers. Even if an influencer has a small readership, it can be more profitable than influencers with larger readerships if the audience is very targeted to your brand, products and services.