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Content marketing is the newest way for brands online to catch on and spread like wildfire. Everywhere you turn, you see brands, bloggers, and businesses espousing the benefits of content marketing and how it can benefit your business. The problem is that few seem to truly understand what it is, what its main goals are supposed to be, and even more importantly, how to go about developing an effective campaign that grows an audience, builds a brand, and drives more leads and sales.

Content Strategy

Content Marketing 101

The goal of an effective campaign should be to engage an audience and establish credibility. Instead of just coming up with catchy titles and rehashed stories, put effort into creating the type of content that makes people want to come back again and again. This can be achieved through visual storytelling like infographics, video, and images; it can also take place through well-written content in text form. Either approach can work, and both should be implemented to properly engage the target audience. Of course, just creating content with an aim to engage the audience is not enough. It must encourage engagement, be promoted, and stand on its own as a reliable resource that people feel comfortable recommending to their friends.

Content Curation

Aside from the approaches mentioned above, certain techniques and tools may be used including content curation, social media platforms, and even question and answer sites. Content curation is the process of aggregating relevant content from both your own site and others to create regular “roundups” and resource pages that cover a topic from all angles. This is especially effective to bring the end of your marketing campaign together as a directory of sorts. Social media is self-explanatory. It is a means for promotion, networking, and an opportunity for engagement with your target market. For all the little updates that don’t justify their own piece of content, social media is a great way to spread your brand’s message.

Educate the Consumer

Industry-related educational content creates an authoritative perspective of your brand and company. Question and answer, research, and statistic site pages are great ways to publish educational content. When an audience logs in to these sites as your company name, they may find questions that are answered on your own site. Brand managers and content strategists should focus on providing a thoughtful and trustworthy answer, and linking to your own content is yet another way to spread your brand awareness.

Establish A Brand’s Personality

A great strategy will eventually personalize a brand. Popular brands have reworked their brands by publishing magazines, organizing contests, and creating avatars for their businesses. A great digital marketing agency should be able to identify what the target market will respond to and then craft a content strategy to fit that market. For startups, there is a great opportunity to convey the aspects that set your company apart from competitors.

Take the opportunity to convey the startup culture your business embodies. How is your company different, more desirable, more fun, and/or more trustworthy than others in the market? This is an opportunity for brands to go beyond typical corporate and ad speak. It provides the opportunity to make users feel they are engaging with people, not products and services.

The Most Effective Strategy Online

Much has been said of whether content marketing is the most effective strategy for growing a business online. While it is indeed effective, it has to be done properly. A content strategy that focuses on the target audience and what they need and want will stand a great chance to succeed. Mindlessly churning out content in an effort to look busy and important will almost always fail. As with nearly every other business endeavor, quality almost always trumps quantity.

Developing a Campaign

Here at ArtVersion, we can work side by side with your internal marketing team to create powerful and memorable marketing messages and graphics as well as create a content strategy that is tailored for your protocol product or service. Give us a call, let’s make something beautiful.

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