As mobile devices become more prevalent, website designers are more concerned with mobile site design than ever before. Businesses depend on effective mobile websites to help users make purchasing decisions as they travel to marketplaces and as they search online for merchandise,  restaurants, salons and clothing stores.

Make Everything Legible

One of the major concerns for websites seeking attention from mobile users is the amount of space that users have on their mobile phones. Since there is limited space, mobile site design must create logos that are easier to identify in smaller sizes. The overall layout of the mobile website design must accommodate for the limited space that the user is working with.

Usability Matters

On a mobile device, each webpage should have a specific purpose and the screen should be tailored toward meeting that purpose. For example, if the goal of the screen is for the user to log into his or her account, the screen should only be devoted to achieving this purpose. Also, the user interface and inputs for the mobile device can vary, so the graphic designer must know these inputs to design the graphical interface for optimal user experience. For example, if the user must touch the screen to access a feature, the graphical interface should be designed so that the user can accomplish this with ease.