The Importance of Web User Interface Design

Person with a black hat on sits alone in an office, working.

Ever since the dot-come bubble of the mid-1990s, thousands of businesses have made a presence online. Although doing so is a very wise decision, it must be done correctly in order to be effective. As a result, the success of a website depends on numerous design, development, and marketing factors. One of the most important of these factors falls under the category of design, which is user interface design. Also known as user experienceUX” and user interface “UI” design is what makes the layout and organization of a website easy-to-use.

User experience (UX) is a very important factor because visitors – or potential customers in the case of a business – will usually hit the “Back” button or leave the website completely the moment they become frustrated. While this frustration may sometimes be caused by the website’s content, a far more common cause is a web design that’s difficult to use or navigate. When a website keeps good UX/UI principles in mind during the development process it’s more likely to retain its viewers, which can lead to substantially more traffic, visitor conversion and revenue.

Although there are many components to good UX/UI, the most basic are as follows: Keeping the design and layout simple and clean, making sure that everything the user would ever need – such as the navigation bar or shopping cart – in the same place on every page, and ensuring that all pages load fast and are actually usable. For e-Commerce websites, one of the best ways to enhance user interface design is to streamline ordering and transaction processes and make the shopping cart system as easy-to-use as possible.