The hub of the usability, experience and the interaction a user has with anything from web design interface to every day products, focuses on only one thing: The users to  have the best experience possible. The better the experience they have the more they will be willing to return back to your website or buy that product again which is one of the ultimate goals to keep people going to your site.

When designing a site you need to make sure it not only looks good visually but that it is serving the purpose and satisfies the user. It is easy to get caught up on the visuals that the usability, experience and interaction factors tend to get swept under the rug. If you design with the user in mind or even imagining you are the user when designing you will end up with a successful site.

Another thing to consider when wanting to achieve good web usability, experience and interaction for the user is to keep things clean and simple. You want to manage the information in a way that is not overwhelming for the user. If you can hide some information but are still able to easily open up that hidden information that will make things clean and simple for the user.

If the design is functional and useable then the main message can get across easily to the user. It is all about the satisfaction the design gives the user, the efficiency it as and the effectiveness. If the user cannot find what they are looking for right away and has to go on a scavenger hunt throughout the site they might give up and leave the site because they are not having a positive experience and the site is not user friendly.

You can have the most beautiful design but if the interaction between the site and user is not friendly and too complicated the site will ultimately not serve the purpose since the user will be more likely to leave the site before they understand the message of the site. Realizing you are also designing for the user will make the design that much more powerful and successful. If you can achieve good usability, experience and interaction for the user, having a great visual design is the icing on the cake.


[guest]Erin Lentz, is graphic/web designer at ArtVersion Interactive. She loves to write different topics about design, agency life, staying organized, technology and digital strategies.