VERSIONS™ Collective Manifesto Is Here

Versions Collective Manifesto book standing.

Versions Collective, the ArtVersion design collaborative, has released volume 1.03 of their publication discussing the design process its and relation to technology, the VERSIONS™ Collective Manifesto. In the book, the creative think-tank explores how the experience of both print and digital design has evolved and what the current landscape looks like.

Ignited by a simple conversation at ArtVersion’s Chicago office, the VERSIONS™ Collective Manifesto publication was imagined as springboard to gain a deeper understanding of core design values in relation to the agile movement of technology. In the VERSIONS™ Manifesto, the collective discusses how the evolution of digital technology has shaped design and how users have responded. Reviewing traditional design processes with emerging innovations, the VERSIONS™ Collective Manifesto repositions the critical relationship between digital and analog.

Principal creative director and founder of ArtVersion Interactive, Goran Paun, discusses the birth and catalyst behind the project – “Our goal was to express our point of view in todays environment in respect to digital and traditional media and ever emerging technologies that are changing how we do business, how we brand our companies, how we engage with customers, expressing a consistent aesthetic point of view via print, mobile and web.” Adding that,  “We’ve entered a new era of complexity, and we have to ensure that we craft experiences to ensure users can navigate the landscape with ease and delight.”

In addition to exploring topics including minimalism, innovation, user experience, content strategies, typography and styling – readers of the VERSIONS™ Collective Manifesto will discover:

•A navigational map of digital media and design

•The benefits of user centered design

•The value of visual storytelling

•The power design has to improve daily life

•The value of tapping into an analog approach to create an optimal digital experience

Beautifully designed, innovative, thought provoking and instructional – the VERSIONS™ Collective Manifesto is meant to act as an experience, promoting discussion and even sparking innovation for designers, thought leaders and makers across industry and platform. VERSIONS™ Collective Manifesto is available now.

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