Many learning management systems (LMS) often look like a software that was built in the 90s. While it may achieve the objectives the organization set out for, it is inefficient and outdated. These platforms are often unorganized, unintuitive and downright clunky. If your organization is using a learning management system that fits this description, you need to fix it with proper UI design.

There are many aspects of UI design that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your learning management system. You can create a streamlined navigation path, organize content better, group related functionalities, simplify the system, and more. The goal should be to design a system that users can go use in a structure and intuitive way.

Why should you invest in UI design for your learning management system? A learning management system with a good user interface will make it easy to use. When you make a platform easy to use, it makes it easier for users to actually learn. What’s more, it motivates users to actually use the system and engage with it fully rather than skim through it. This results in improved learning and retention.

A good UI will also ensure that the content is organized and easy to locate. Proper UI and content organization will accomplish your company’s goals of training your staff more efficiently. It will take less time for users to learn how the systems work and will help your company add new content easily while also making it more accessible for users.

UI can also add new functionalities and improve existing ones. Whether you want to implement a shared chat function or something like a collaborative learning environment, it can all be made better with good design. Complicated functionalities can be simplified so that users are more likely to use them and new ones can be added to enhance the learning experience.

Finally, improving the UI design will eliminate the need for training from your staff. If the user interface is intuitive enough, users will be able to start using the system on their own with simple tutorials. This will reduce the face to face training required to learn how to use the system, which frees up your staff and resources.

If you have an outdated LMS or your staff isn’t responding well to your training programs, it’s time to work on the UI. ArtVersion is a design firm that has worked on web design and application design. We excel in improving the design of both the UI and UX in software systems. We understand all the necessary changes that need to made to make your system more user friendly, rewarding and intuitive. If you’re looking for help with designing the UI of your learning management system, call us at 847-279-8999.