If you’re selling any kind of product online, one of the easiest platforms you can use to manage an eCommerce site is WordPress functionality with WooCommerce. While there are many different eCommerce solutions in the market like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, there are several reasons why WooCommerce it might be the better choice for your business. 

Why Choose It Over Other Solutions? 

The first is that it works with WordPress. If you already have a marketing or presentational web site on WordPress and/or you prefer it over other CMS platforms, then you’ll be happy to know that you do not have to make the switch to another platform. It’s especially hard to switch over if you’ve already invested in your site’s web design, web development, add-ons, and theme. Plus, it is designed and maintained by the WP core team, so there are no problems with existing WP plugins. 

The second reason why it might be a better choice is that it is ideal for hybrid sites. Not all website owners want to run pure eCommerce sites. You’ve probably seen a rising trend in sites that have a good mix of content and sales pages. Some sites also focus on a smaller product line and do not require extensive eCommerce platforms like Shopify. 

The third reason to choose it is that it’s easy to customize and develop. There is a large pool of developers and designers that have experience with the platform on sites like Upwork and Freelancer. You can easily find developers and designers to customize the eCommerce elements to your specific needs. Then there’s the benefit of having a huge community of developers for the platform. There are thousands of themes and extensions that are readily available for you to purchase or download for free. 

The Advantages of WooCommerce Over Competing Solutions 

The platform has many advantages over its competing solutions. First off, it is completely free compared to other platforms that charge you a monthly fee. These fees usually go up depending on sales volume, a number of products, and advanced functionalities. Another big aspect of the pricing is transaction fees. Other platforms charge you around two to three percent per transaction which really does add up to a lot of money if your sales volume is high. 

Second, the platform is on par with its competitors. The features you’d expect such as analytics, coupons, email marketing integration, embedded products, advanced search functions, and payment processor support can all be found here. Competitors often market their platform as having more features and sometimes it’s true. However, the essential features are the same and developers are constantly working on improving the platform every single day. 

Finally, you own your data. Platforms like Shopify have access to your data. Owning your own database is becoming more important in the eCommerce industry. Many sellers on Amazon have seen their data being mined only to have competitors produce and sell products in direct competition with theirs. You also want your data to be private to protect yourself from data breaches which many corporations are having issues with these days. 

So Should You Invest in WooCommerce Development? 

If you want to stay with WordPress and do not plan on creating a designing dedicated eCommerce website, then the answer is usually yes. The platform powers over 30 percent of all eCommerce sites right now and the number is expected to increase. It’s getting the same kind of adoption that WP has gotten in the CMS sector. In fact, you’ll find many web hosts that offer support for the eCommerce platform. 

The bottom line is that it’s the ideal platform if you plan on taking your eCommerce business seriously. It’s also the best solution for sites that aren’t purely built for eCommerce. Again, hybrid sites that use content, blogging, article and media publishing and various forms of social engagements to support the eCommerce store will benefit most from this platform.