Off the Shelf: Creating the Ideal Packaging Design

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In an increasingly digital environment, it's important for those with a physical product offering to remember that packaging design can be one of the most useful tools in your marketing strategy. Packaging encompasses a huge part in attracting consumers and building brand value and experience that your users will have – ignoring those elements can lessen brand credibility and may even take away from your sales. #1: Packaging Is Your First Line of Defense Engaging with the user and generating…

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Expanding Your Individual Brands

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Brands have a collection of aspects to them that should be presented across all platforms of their corporate image. When reviewing your corporate identity, have you neglected to market all the aspects of your Brand lately? Many believe that only larger brands acquire the power to establish multiple, as well as sub, brands, within their already existing brand, which is frankly not true. Expanding your already established brand, by creating brands in the order of your current products will ensure…

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