The Importance of Branding and Design for Marketing

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Branding and design go hand in hand for most companies. A strong look and feel for a brand plays into the design of products and marketing that the company produces. This tactic involves developing identifiable markers or features for your company that can be easily recognized by consumers. These markers are then used in much of the company’s communication moving forward to continue fostering a connection with their customers.

Branding and Messaging

While branding is often considered to be the ‘look’ of a company, it also has to do with the messages that a brand is presenting to its audience. Companies get to decide what their voice will sound like. This might be smart, funny, caring, etc. A company’s voice attracts different audiences, so it is important to consider the target audience when thinking about tone.

There are different benefits to all different tones. Some brands choose to use humor and wit to create iconic resonance in their audience. They might also have a more serious tone when presenting in a corporate setting than on social media. If a brand is more targeted to a younger demographic, they might experiment with “witty” and “playful” language for approachability and relatability. If a company is targeting older demographics searching for a company they can trust, the company might try something more “serious” or “professional” in terms of tonality. While the underlying voice would be the same, the tone and wording can be changed slightly for their audience. Consider how you might speak differently to your parents vs your best friend. This is similar to how some companies choose to utilize the asset of their voice.

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Brand Identity

A strong brand identity helps consumers recognize a company. For instance, most people know that when they see the golden arches when they are driving on the freeway, there is a McDonald’s nearby. McDonald’s identity is so closely tied to the company that it can be the only thing a person needs to see to recognize the company. 

Brand identities can promote sales. If a consumer is shopping and they see a brand they recognize, they are more likely to choose that item than the competitor’s version. Consistency in branding can increase sales by more than 20%. This is because brand identities create a sense of trust between the consumer and the company. Trust is a driving force when it comes to consumer spending. Customers want to know that the product they are buying is going to do the job it claims it will do. If a customer has already tried a product from a specific brand, they are more likely to try other products from that same brand, increasing sales.

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Design Methods

Branding is a form of marketing that is designed for users. A company is trying to connect and build trust with its consumers, which means identifiable marketing efforts are geared toward that goal. Marketing might explain how a product supports what a user is already doing in their day-to-day life. This type of marketing relies on research into the target market. 

Creating personas for the target consumers as well as consumers the company already has is an important first step. It allows a company to understand its users on a deeper level, making it easier for marketing to be targeted toward specific people. This allows consumers to feel as though the company really understands them and makes them more likely to begin using or continue using the product or service. A company creating a refreshed brand standards guide and a solid design language that is consistent with its company can help with design and overall visual storytelling.

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How Branding Makes a Difference

Branding can be an overlooked marketing tactic. The best brands create a strong connection with their users through their identity. A strong brand identity can make marketing easier and encourage consumers to continue buying a product. To increase productivity and sales, companies should consider improving their branding through their guiding standards which will provide their users with a positive experience.