How Responsive Web Design Changed the Web

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One of the most game-changing trends in the Internet marketing industry has been responsive web design. This web design approach builds a website so that it adapts to the platform and device that the visitor is using. For instance, a visitor using an iPhone will be presented with an iPhone optimized browsing experience. If that same visitor switches to a tablet, he will be presented with a website that’s optimized for tablets. How Responsive Websites Are Changing the Industry The rise of…

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Finding Your Responsive Design

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Responsive web design (RWD) is no longer a futuristic way of designing websites, it is happening now! RWD takes away the hassle of having to maintain more than one site for mobile purposes; it allows you to only design one site that is flexible enough for all web capable platforms. The design aspects of the user interface should represent your organization’s story, throughout the whole site. Having a unique user interface and experience will help grow your target audience. Being able to ensure…

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