ArtVersion is proud to announce the opening of the Experience Lab in the heart of the finical district of Chicago. The ArtVersion Experience Lab is the premier usability testing and UX research space in Chicago featuring state-of-the-art usability testing technology allowing you to gain a better understanding of how users perceive and experience your brand.

Our Mission 

We created this space as a destination for brands to engage in an experience-driven, hands-on collaboration to create and explore new ideas, innovate and solve UX challenges from all angles. We are excited to present a space for founders, corporate innovators, change-makers, and marketing teams an engaging environment to explore, create and build a shared vision for the unified interfaces, customer experiences and brand initiatives.

Our Vision 

The Experience Lab is a collaborative testing environment combining design strategy, user testing, competitive analysis and UX strategies in an intuitive, free-flowing approach, supported by cutting edge technologies inclusive of exploratory rooms, modular user stations, eye-tracking and touch screen recorders. Through user experience testing we determine relations between affective (emotion and feeling) and cognitive (thinking) connections and how much each contributes to overall user experience and generate impactful web design.  The results of the user experience studies are then used to determine the improvements to the properties from where the action points are placed to refining overall user journeys. 

Data- Driven Design and Development 

The ArtVersion strategy team will provide detailed findings, (inclusive of video of usability testing sessions) insights, and recommendations for next steps, improvements, and user alignment. The Experience lab features whiteboard space, flexible meeting environments and is the ideal place for observing, taking notes and strategizing brand optimization.

Supported by ArtVersion’s team of designers, strategists and developers, the newly launching Chicago Experience Lab is a strategic initiative designed to spark innovative thinking, optimize brand relevance and address product challenges. With the roots in traditional graphical user interface (GUI) design, ArtVersion is known industry-wide for its pioneering and innovative position in the UX space and in-house capabilities of designing emerging experiences. 

To schedule a tour, creative session or for more information, explore our vision.