One way to quickly to lose potential customers from your online store is with confusing UI design. Whether you have an affiliate shop that looks too similar to the original, you don’t customize your software to give the visitor an unique user experience or you use unprofessional graphics because you didn’t think you could afford professional eCommerce web design, you’re hurting yourself in the end.

Can You Afford Professional Web Design?

The one thing that puts many website and small business owners off from hiring someone to create a custom eCommerce Web design is price. However, you’ll find that eCommerce web development is more affordable than you expected.

Think About User Interface Design

An important aspect of designing for any website is user experience, which is all about the user experience. A few years ago, websites looked really cool, but it made it more difficult for the visitor to navigate and understand where he/she was. Effective user eCommerce web development takes this into consideration, however. A professional and functional user interface design for your website will use uniform navigation, for example, which helps your visitor get where she needs to go no matter where she currently is. Consistent look and feel, is equally important and use of elements from the corporate identity so that experience and tone of the company that is projected online is cohesive with the offline efforts.

Dynamic user interfaces will provide content unique to each page. For example, if you run a beauty products eCommerce store, your page with nail polish might show the most popular selections from the category. Instead of just showing the most popular items overall, cater to what your visitor is currently doing.

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