An astounding number of business leaders rely upon a company website to build brand awareness and drive sales. When developing a website for business use, it is essential to remember that the overall user experience (UX) a website can provide will determine the website’s success by and large. In general, the more usable a website is, the more likely consumers will be to visit that website time and time again.

Website usability encompasses any number of user interface design (UI) and user experienceconcerns. It’s a great idea to gain feedback from potential website users about what they’d like to see out of your business website. Consumers should be able to easily locate information about your business and products. Good website usability can also mean that consumers are able to purchase products and order services with ease.User interface design is about more than just how easy it is to navigate a website. UI and UX are also about the level of visual enjoyment that a website offers. Consumers should be drawn in by strong graphics and coherent branding messages. Websites that are interactive and require the consumer to make decisions about where they will go and what they will see tend to be particularly effective.