Everyone has heard the phrase “content is king.” The idea being that content of a superb quality is the key to attract new leads and to build a recognizable brand. There are exceptions where sub par content ranks well and somehow helps businesses grow, but in the vast majority of situations, content truly is king.

The question then, is to determine which type of content to create. Infographics have been a hot topic in the internet marketing world. Written text has fallen out of style, and visuals, especially infographics, have taken over as the bulk of many marketing campaigns.

That does not mean that written text is completely useless. There are merits to both infographics and written text.

The Disadvantages and Advantages Of Written Text

It is easier to start with the drawbacks of relying on a text heavy approach to marketing.

First, it is difficult to keep readers engaged. Long-form text, perhaps over 500 words, takes time to read. Internet users have their attention pulled in many directions and are less likely to sit and read an article that takes 10 or 15 minutes to read.

Second, getting people to share written text can be especially difficult if it is not quick and easy to read. Written text requires proper copywriting technique.

Accuracy and proper grammar are not enough for most of today’s internet users. They want easy to read, colorful and valuable written text, or they will go somewhere else. Every reader you lose is a lost sale or lead.

The advantage of written text is simple: loyalty. If proper copywriting techniques are used, like short paragraphs and simple language, a reader is more likely to finish the article.

If a reader actually finishes an article, they are more likely to buy, opt-in, comment and share the content. Once one or more of these actions has been taken, the reader is likely to be loyal and to return for more content, to share it and help spread a brand’s marketing message for them.

Infographics… Effective, But Easy To Overdo

A good infographic can lead to a rush of new links, social shares brand awareness. All of this leads to more money if the message is right and the product or service is good.

A major problem is that a good infographic is resource intensive. They take time to research properly, to write content for, and to have designed. Each of these also comes with a monetary cost, especially the design part of the project.

At a certain point, even well done infographics begin to lose their effectiveness. As odd as it may seem, a site that does nothing but put their content in infographic form risks losing the engagement of their audience.

Mix And Match For Best Results

It is likely that mixing text content with visual content like infographics to achieve the best results from a marketing campaign. Boring or more complex content may make for good infographic material.

Text may serve well for short messages, lighter themed content and email newsletters.