Of all the eCommerce platforms currently available, Magento is by far the most popular option. Other platforms may come with certain advantageous features, but Magento offers more in the way of scalability and long-term stability for new businesses looking to take a leadership role in their markets.

This is a robust platform with features such as:

  • Open-source, which offers a strong appeal for developers
  • Easy to customize with readily available extensions and add-on modules
  • Accessible with a free option as well as affordable paid options for enterprise level operations
  • SEO friendliness

Open Source

A platform being open-source provides a tremendous opportunity for store owners to customize the platform to suit their needs. Everything can be customized through the above mentioned add-on modules and extensions. Developers can create their own extensions and add-on modules for their own use or those of their clients.

As far as web design goes, it makes for an ideal platform to develop responsive storefront web designs. As the internet changes, more and more people are accessing sites of all kinds from smartphones and other wireless devices.

Sites need to have designs that are responsive to every screen size to ensure that they maintain brand continuity as well as overall functionality and search engine optimization. Dedicated mobile sites lack each of these and also cost more money than simply making a site’s web design responsive.


Accessibility works in favor of both store owners and developers alike. Store owners have a reliable platform to run their operation, and developers have a free and reliable platform with which to test, develop, and make changes to.

Even though many store owners will eventually need one of the paid versions of the platform, the presence of a free option allows room for growth that is not present on other more expensive platforms.

SEO Friendly

Magento is by far the most search engine friendly of the various eCommerce platforms. It has search friendly URLs and proper meta data already programmed into the code base, and the various modules and extensions help to deal with any duplicate content issues.

When coupled with the ability to make nice looking responsive designs on the front end, it becomes a bit of an SEO powerhouse when compared to other, less flexible eCommerce platforms.

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