Magento is one of the most popular open-source Ecommerce platforms available.

It has features and options that make it the ideal choice for start-up stores that other online platforms are not able to match.

Robust Magento Ecommerce Platform

The platform itself is more akin to the popular content management systems like WordPress than many eCommerce platforms. It has a variety of extensions and other ways to customize a store’s front-end to ensure that usability is high and that no two stores are alike. Experienced developers can go on and on for quite a while before they exhaust all of their options when customizing a store.

Full e-store capabilities out of the box

While some frameworks are more skeleton-like in nature, Magento has a variety of important features already included. Different methods of inventory control, modules for payment processing and different options for shipping are already included with the platform. When employing a developer to customize the web design of an eCommerce store, they will have decisions to make but basic store usability options are flexible and made more so with the above-mentioned extensions.

Ideal For Responsive Web Design

The internet is undergoing profound changes in the content produced, the speed of connections and the diversity of devices people use to access their favorite sites. Smart business owners are making changes to their web design now to ensure their sites are responsive to each screen size and device used by their visitors. An open-source platform such as this provides developers a nearly blank canvas to make any design responsive.

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Extensions For Growing Businesses and Multiple Storefronts

These two points are combined because they are so closely related. It is not uncommon for growing businesses to extend their brands to more specific services and markets. Consider Amazon’s audiobook service titled “Audible”. Successful eCommerce stores may reach this point as well. Instead of having a back-end for each storefront, users can control multiple storefronts from one back-end. And with that, as one store grows with more users, has more inventory and outgrows its original setup, the variety of extensions allow for quick updates to ensure each store stays current and easy to use for every customer.

Lightning Quick Load Speeds

There are several factors that go into the speed at which a page loads, but much of this centers on the code that makes up a site’s design. Its rock-solid code base ensures that even with extensive additions, sites will load quickly and easily. A good developer, such as those at ArtVersion can work wonders in creating an aesthetically appealing and highly functional site.

The Best Option Available

In the end, Magento is likely the best option available for almost any eCommerce store outside of the major online retailers and wholesalers who may require proprietary solutions. For top-notch web design that helps a business to grow, it is difficult to beat.

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User journey that resonates and design that represents your brand

We understand how important your corporate culture is and how it affects your positioning and operations. We believe that your website’s design should be a reflection of your brand in aesthetics and in function truly and entirely.

The open-source nature of the platform provides unique opportunities for stores to differentiate themselves from the market. The design and usability options are nearly endless and include:

  • A robust platform backend
  • Full e-store capabilities out of the box
  • A solid framework to build upon for responsive web design
  • Easily extendable to keep pace with growing businesses
  • One backend can control multiple storefronts
  • Lightning-fast if the design is properly implemented
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