WordPress is one of the best content manage systems you can use to build your site on. It’s requires the lowest skill cap, has the most plugin accessibility, and super intuitive backend. If you’re goal is to start building on this platform or switch to it from another platform, it’s important that you have a web development work on your project. ArtVersion can build you a WordPress site that is designed to the highest standards, has all the functionalities you need, and is optimized for the search engines.

Our Web Design Team Breathes WordPress

We’ve been working with WordPress for years now and our team truly understands how to use it to its maximum capacity. Due to all the different modifications, themes and plugins that are available from the community, there is an infinite number of ways to build a WordPress website. We’ve built all kinds of sites for all kinds companies from legal firms to shipping companies, so we have the knowledge base required to meet any development challenges.

Technical Expertise Is Essential

While WordPress is simple, it can still get technical. It’s not uncommon for our clients to get stuck with trying to figure out how to make specific functionalities work. It can also be frustrating when plugins conflict with site settings and other plugins. Our web development team has dealt with all kinds of problems, so we know how to quickly find solutions for our clients.

Beyond Your Everyday Web Development Firm

While website development is a core skill set we have, we are a design firm at the core. Our team is all about creativity and you can expect a theme design that’s sure to impress. Rather than using a template like other web design professionals or firms, we’ll develop a custom theme that’s 100% unique to you. This theme will reflect your brand from the logos, look and feel, to the overall visual presentation.

Other Areas of Web Design/Development

ArtVersion is a full service creative firm. We specialize in many aspects of design from UI, UX, content design, to visual storytelling. Many firms and professionals overlook these aspects of web design when they are critical to how the site performs. We are also experts in responsive design, so we can ensure that your WordPress site is friendly to users across all types of platforms from desktop to tablet.

Come Meet Our Team

Our offices are located in Chicago, so come on down if you’re in the same area. We insist on having our clients build a relationship with our team and become part of the creative process. Sometimes our clients have a clear vision of what they’re looking for and our team focuses on making that vision the best it could possibly be. Other times, our clients have a broad idea of what they want but won’t understand what would be best. In this case, we present the best options and combine ideas for the best design possible.