Web Fonts


Web Fonts

Web design is an art, and there are many variables that need to work together to produce the best website possible. One of those factors is font choice.  The correct font for a webpage can be the difference between an easy to read page and a hard to read page. At ArtVersion we put a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect font that gets a company’s message across just with font.

The two main font categories are Serif and Sans Serif. “Serifs” are the small strokes at the end of a character. “Sans Serif” is literally just that, without the serif, or without the small stroke.  We recently upgraded our own website, and we use a Sans Serif font we think lends our site a modern feel, while being extremely easy to read.

For a more visual understanding of what the differences are:

Times New Roman is a Serif font.

Arial is a Sans Serif font.

Obviously, there are many fonts in the universe, and making sure to choose the right one is one of our top priorities. Many clients are shocked when we show them the same graphic design with different fonts.  They swear the entire site changes with the font.

If you are thinking about website redesign, or if you are in the process, take time to consider sites you like and if their font strikes your fancy.  Font really can be a make or break decision, so be sure you know what look you want your website to have, and convey that to your designer.