Take a look at any major brand. They all have an easily recognizable company logo. Every time you see the company or their products, the logo design perfectly aligns with the company’s name, brand and purpose. When you first start a business, take care when choosing the company logo as it can and should become a large part of brand recognition.

The logo design you choose should be simple enough to work across all types of media. For instance, your logo should still look great in a colorful website design or a black and white newspaper ad. Customers should still be able to recognize it easily without even seeing a company name.  For example Apple did a great job for their logo recognition, by using just an apple as a main brand’s symbol that has been widely accepted. Recently Twitter also rebranded itself by dropping words out of the logo and just living little bird as a strong world wide recognized logo symbol. Nike is another example with their powerful global brand recognition.

You should also consider logo design for all of your company sub-brands, meaning each different product or product group should have it’s own logo. For best results, we use a slight variation of your original company logo. The sub-brand logo design should be noticeably different, yet still represent the company’s branded logo, and consistent with a rest of the corporate identity.

A logo is about more than just an image. It is the foundation for your brand. The most successful consumer products focus their branding around their logo. Think of it as the mascot of the company. Every time you see the company or it’s products mentioned, you see the logo. Even when you visit their site, the website logo is designed to match the company’s branded logo.

Still, many companies take their logo for granted, equaling easily forgettable companies. With customers being extremely visual people, it is vital to tie your business and brand to a company logo customers come to know, love and respect.