Begin By Analyzing User Activity

The first step in determining website usability is analyses and tracking. Businesses can use heat maps, track click activity, track the time spent on a site, and measure click-through rates to other links. Tracking activity will allow businesses to figure out what’s working and what’s not. Recording the data for future comparison will allow for gradual improvements of the site’s usability.

What Can Be Done To Improve The Site?

The second step is to start coming up with ideas to improve the site. The data that was collected will give you directions on what to change. For example, if the data reveals that visitors are leaving within seconds of landing on your site, test the loading time. If visitors are clicking through the navigation in rapid succession, see what can be done to help them find what they’re looking for.

Testing To Find Winners

The third step is to test different ideas to see what works. Experiment to see which elements improve the time spent on your site. Find out what kind of layout improves readership and click-through rates. Focus on one metric at a time and gradually make improvements until your site starts to perform well.

When to Think About User Interface Design

You may have to think about user interface design if your site is complex. The best example of this is an eCommerce site or a community. It’s more realistic to look at the design as a piece of software since users are interacting with your site, not just browsing it. At this point, it’s recommended that you get the help of professionals that understand how to improve usability for complex sites.

Usability for Mobile Sites

Most site owners don’t understand what to do when it comes to mobile sites. Mobile sites are different from regular sites, so there are a different set of best practices that you need to follow. It’s important to make sure your mobile site is optimized and formatted correctly because mobile visitors now make up a large percentage of total site visitors. Some webmasters report 30-40% of their visitors use mobile devices.

In conclusion, usability is something that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to your website design. It affects the effectiveness of your site, so it’s important that you put a lot of attention into improving it. If you need help with usability, you can rely on us. Give us a call at number to get advice from our award-winning creative team.