Tradeshow Graphics

The ultimate goal of a trade show display is to engage as many potential customers as possible and turn them into paying clients.  That’s why companies invest so much money into the booth space, and put so much thought into their message.  What they may not realize is if they want to stay in the forefront of their potential customers’ minds, they need to provide take away material as well.

Putting in the investment of having custom trade show graphics created will end up paying for itself over and over.  You may make a large and notable impression in the booth when you are surrounded by your exhibit, however it is important to sustain that feeling visitors have.  A way to do that is to have takeaway materials that correspond with your booth graphics.  This keeps your message fresh in their minds and gives a visual cue to remember what customers saw and what they wanted to purchase.

Have all the materials pre-printed and strongly branded.  A brochure to slip into someone’s hand, or a giveaway with your logo centered on it can go a long way toward closing a sale.  Make sure the branding in the booth, your banners, posters, etc. have the same logo as what you provide for customers to take with them

A great way to save money in this venture is to make sure all your trade show graphics are reusable.  Having your banners and posters printed so they can be recycled at upcoming trade show exhibits is a fantastic way to keep some cash in the bank, and have the capital to invest in your takeaway materials.