As a startup, your goal is to make a big splash in the marketplace and ride that momentum to success. But with an ocean of other startups in the marketplace, it can become very difficult to stand out. One of the best ways for startups to get the much needed attention is to create stunning web design.

Outstanding web design is no longer an option. It is essential for business success in a business atmosphere where everyone is fighting to get a piece of the pie. Web design is also no longer about the visual presentation of a website. You need to factor in the user interface, user experience, multi-device compatibility, search engine friendliness, brand identity, and more.

The starting point for every startup should be the brand identity. Developing a strong identity and planning a strategy to integrate this identity into the web design is very important. It will create brand awareness, exemplify authority/trust, convey your company’s unique benefits/values, and set yourself apart from the competition. Too many startups go with designs that look like templates that simply have been filled in. While it often looks nice, it doesn’t distinguish itself from other websites.

The brand identity can be tied into a story that is unraveled in the design. Using storytelling elements such as relevant images, linked progression, color schemes, themes, and meaningful content can really get users to associate or at least familiarize themselves with the brand. And getting users to engage with your company is especially important to startup companies as there isn’t an established brand yet.

Then there are the design factors that will make your website more accessible, usable, and likeable. For example, the user interface will make your website more usable, the user experience will make your website more likeable, and utilizing responsive design will make your website accessible to users across multiple devices. All of these design factors are important to the overall success of your website.

These factors will be what entice users to come back in the future, recommend your website to their network, and even become your supporters. The idea of implementing all this into the design can be overwhelming but what you need to understand is that nothing will be perfect out of the gate. It’s really about launching a website that you’re confident about despite the fact that you know it’s far from perfect.

It’s all about fine tuning your design after you launch the initial prototype. The analytics will reveal what’s working and a creative team can test new ideas to try to come up with the winning design. The important thing is to make sure that you cover all the bases. That will help you become the recognizable startup in the marketplace while others struggle for attention. If you need a help with your web design, drop us a line, we have passion in helping startups create extraordinary visual branding that will work for years to come.