Visual branding is the process of using graphic design to deliver a message that is congruent with your message. Metaphorically, you have to look at design as the framework that your message is centered around. If you think about it, trying to give off the image of being a customer-centered company would not work if the design that surrounds your communication gives off the feeling that the focus is more on the company.

You want to make sure that the design represents your message properly. For instance, a green web hosting company may want to make sure their communication is designed with themes that remind people that they are environmentally friendly. It lets consumers know that the company is different from other web hosting providers and is environmentally responsible.

Design’s Impact on Corporate Identity

Branding is not only about making sure that a company is delivering the right image to the target audience. It can also help establish a strong corporate identity. Having a strong identity will impact how employees view the company, which then affects internal communication as well as outbound marketing.

For instance, if the brand of a company is that they are a customer-centered company, the customer service department would know that the goal is to make sure the customer is satisfied no matter what the conflict is. It indirectly enforces the brand’s standards and guidelines to employees, which will make the company actually congruent with the brand rather than the branding being lip service.

A strong corporate identity will also give focus to employees. It will help them understand what kind of standards they should uphold and keep them aligned with the mission of the company. This will affect how the marketing department communicates with the target audience in their campaigns, which can only improve the results of their efforts.

What Should Be the Goal of Your Visual Identity?

When you are building a branding campaign, you want to make sure the design reflects your message. You need to make sure that the graphic design shows that you are unique, shows how you’re different from competitors and shows the value of your product or service. As mentioned earlier, visual branding will serve as the frame that encases the picture where your picture is your actual message.

Remember, branding is not a short term strategy. It is something that can serve as the foundation of a company and make every aspect of it more effective. It is a long term investment that will more than pay for itself if it is done right.