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The right packaging backed by a quality product can give your manufacturing an edge over competitors that are offering similar products.

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Most manufacturing companies look at packaging design as a pointless, unnecessary endeavor. After all, they create industrial products that are bought in bulk by decision-makers that make a purchase decision based on cost, quality, and customer service. But the truth is that packaging actually does matter. The right packaging backed by a quality product can give your company an edge over competitors that are offering similar products.

Customers that purchase industrial products often view products as more or less the same. The sad part is that it’s not always their fault. Manufacturing companies do very little in trying to distinguish their products from the products of their competitors. That’s why most of their customers often price shop rather than looking at all the other important factors. It’s no wonder customer loyalty is very low in this industry. If your company manufactures a superior product, you need a way to let your potential customers know. Packaging will help create that perception and impression.

The presentation around your product will help convey its value, uniqueness, and quality. There are many examples of manufacturing companies that have gained a larger market share for their industrial products simply with their packaging presentation. ArtVersion is an established creative agency that has worked in many different markets and industries. Because we focus on more than design, we’ve been able to create noticeable results for our clients.

We can help you create a packaging design that will help you stand out from your competitors and give your products a unique identity. While our main focus is on designing the packaging, we are not limited to this service. We can help improve the design of your educational material, catalogs, labels, brand logo, and anything else that ties into your product. And if you have desired parameters with regard to a dieline, we can create a product based on your needs.

industrial packaging design

For industrial products, the packaging is not always about the design. It’s also about functionality. The packaging is often used as a way to store products, protect products in transit, and unload/store products. A perfect example of this is space-saving packaging. This aspect of packaging goes a long way in leaving a lasting impression and securing the loyalty of your customers. While we do not do the prototyping of the packaging, we work closely with packaging manufacturers.

This means that you can leave the whole packaging project to us. Simply tell us your needs and we’ll make sure that the prototype delivers. Our goal is to make sure that every aspect of the packaging is taken care of so that your company can focus on the more important tasks. The bottom line is that packaging design matters even for industrial products. Investing in it can lead to increased customer loyalty, branding, perceived value, and sales. If you’re looking for more information on how we can help, contact us today.

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