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An Intranet is a password-protected site containing non-public information that is generally only accessible by company employees. Where an Extranet is used by external audiences, such as business partners, outside sales reps, and special customers; it can be password protected.

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Intranet or Extranet

The present predicament for many corporations is the challenge of developing sophisticated Intranet and Extranet (eg. company portals) that effectively and consistently integrate their corporate branding. Our solutions are designed to offer organizations an online branding tool that is either as simple and straightforward as one with limited content management functionality or as complex as a fully integrated web solution with an employee Intranet, customer and partner Extranets, secure document libraries, interactive forms and surveys, and all other digital asset management tools.

The biggest challenge to all the similar Intranet and Extranet company portal systems is that somebody needs to manage users who would be allowed to log in and see your corporation’s privileged information, templates and branding standards. You will save on maintenance costs because we made our system maintenance-free, so your IT personal can concentrate on more important things than creating usernames and sending forgotten passwords. All company employees can self-create their logins and passwords, as long as the request is coming from within an allowed domain name. All outside visits, competitors and the general audience would be politely rejected from those pages. For instance, any employee that has a corporate email address would be able to log in; and yes, if your organization is using multiple domain names, we can include or exclude appropriate names, per your request. This ease of use, coupled with user-friendly security options, is just part of what makes our branding standards management platform very desirable.

All authorized personnel has ultimate access to all usernames created in the Intranet and Extranet portals, allowing them to instantly add, change, update or disable any part of an active user’s account. A user’s passwords are encrypted and secured, even in this Administrator view, but lost passwords can always be retrieved through the “Forgot Password” form. This procedure eventually decreases your IT personnel’s management interaction by allowing employees to manage their own lost passwords and account information. The complete system is based on email addresses, so intruders without corporate email will not be able to pass through these steps. Forgotten passwords are emailed back, but only to authorized email domain names.

The simplest and the least expensive approach – which usually is more than adequate for most companies – is to keep subsidiary brands or product lines’ branding standards under one portal, keeping all sub-brands under separate folders for easier user navigation. With that in mind, it allows maintenance of a strong and professional corporate presence without all the extra hassle. A centralized platform will not only cut implementation cost down but also free up the valuable time of an internal team when it comes to publishing redundant materials or announcements.

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