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Technology is changing at a rapid pace, particularly how we use the Internet and consume content on the websites. These trends are dictating how companies build and design their websites.

These trends are dictating how companies build and design their websites. One of the best examples of this is responsive design. Responsive web design is a design format that adapts to the browser and device that is being used to browse the website. This results in one website delivering the optimal browsing experience for every platform.

Many designers and industry leaders are saying that responsive web design will be the ultimate design standard because of its adaptability. It’s a stretch to say that responsive design is the be-all, end-all design methodology, but the one thing that’s clear is the fact that it will be the standard for many years to come. The reason why is because it will be relevant to emerging technologies and trends.

For example, there will be many more devices other than smartphones and tablets that will be used to browse the Internet. Smart car interfaces, wearable gadgets and even household appliances will soon be built with connectivity to the Internet. By having a website that can accommodate different platforms, you are future-proofing your website thus, saving money on having to create a separate compatible website for future platforms.

Some of the technologies that responsive design really capitalizes on today are tablet devices and media centers for TVs. Tablets are becoming incredibly popular in the marketplace. Today, there are many consumers who do not need a high powered PC as they only use the Internet for browsing. Due to this demographic, tablets are being released in many different sizes and formats, so it is important to accommodate to the growing number of tablet users.

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The other platform that’s becoming popular is TV media centers and wearable devices. Both Google and Apple are involved in these markets where they are creating devices that allow for consumers to use the Internet with their TVs, stream media (music, videos, photos) from their PCs onto their TVs, and even watch streaming online TV channels. Obviously, these companies are planning to use their operating systems on these devices for optimal functionality and will result in many people browsing the Internet on their TVs on a regular basis.

These are just some real-life examples of emerging trends. There is no telling what other platforms will become popular and that’s why going responsive can help your company be prepared. Companies need to understand that while investing in responsive design can sometimes be costly, it is an investment that’s bound to more than pay for itself. It will capitalize on existing and emerging trends while making sure that their websites are ready for whatever the future holds.

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