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When most companies need design work, the first thing they think about is finding the right web designer for the job. A great designer is definitely capable of creating a solid website but cannot do all the heavy lifting. What you need to realize is that creating an award-winning site is a team effort. There are many parts of creating a website that most people aren’t aware of, especially if the goal is to create an outstanding site. For example, companies that need to want a strong brand identity on their website may not see optimal results working with the average web designer. In a creative firm, there is a separate team that specializes in branding initiatives and understands how to build a strong brand identity on the website. It may be done via visual storytelling, brand engagement, or strictly through design. UI and UX design is also another aspect of design that gets overlooked. Very few designers understand how to design an effective and intuitive UI while also designing for the overall experience. This type of design requires a lot of knowledge and experience, so it isn’t something that a designer can pick up over a few days. Only a firm that has team members that specialize in designing for UI and UX will know how to create the best results. Then there’s the actual content. Most of your message will be in the form of content, so it’s vital that you get it right.

Where your goal is to use content to covey the value of your brand with visual storytelling or to get a user to take some kind of action, you need to make sure the content is written, structured, formatted, and edited well. Designers will often do a great job of visually designing a website but fall short in the content. The technical aspect of the design is developed. Developing a website is pretty much a separate topic altogether. The web developer will have to make sure of certain things such as checking for SEO friendliness, browser compatibility, script errors, etc. The development aspect of the design will determine how well your site will function. Finally, there’s coordination. Making sure that the whole team has an open line of communication and knows what is required is important to creating an outstanding final product. Having the UI/UX designer understand the company’s goals and convey that to the graphic designer is an example of one of the things that will result in a cohesive website. A team working together as one unit will result in faster completion date, fewer errors, and a better-looking website. It takes a whole team to create a site, so if your goal is to build an award-winning site, make sure you work with a company that has the necessary team players.

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