The Connection Between Graphic Design and Company Branding

A designer works on a desktop display.

A company is only so good as their brand. It is possible to have the best products and services in a market and to fail if the brand is not communicated to the customers. Having a powerful visual branding creates a competitive advantage that cannot be replicated in any other way. While it may not come to mind as the first or most important thing with regards to business success, graphic design plays a critical role in developing or re-establishing a powerful brand.

First, we need to understand the power of a brand.

Branding As Identity

Branding is more than creating catchy slogans and images for ad campaigns. It is the purpose a company serves. Whether that purpose is in the fashion industry or something more benevolent, the branding is the first impression people will get of a company. Often, it is the only impression someone may get. A solid brand that communicates a company’s values, as well as the value they offer, establishes a connection that leads people to evangelize products and services they may not have even used.

We all know those brands that have legions of devotees who turn their business into a cause.That all starts with branding.

How Branding and Graphic Design Connect

Think of the most popular brands around. Whether they are sell soft drinks, fast food, computers, smart phones or TVs, they all have a distinctive appearance. Some may have futuristic designs on their websites and packaging. Others may have understated, but elegant logos that show up on storefronts, in commecials, websites etc.

All of these brand images were created by at least one creative mind with a powerful ability to design graphics that communicate the importance and uniqueness of that company.

In Marketing, Importance Is Paramount

Being unique and of a high quality is important, but the most crucial element to marketing a brand successfully is to demonstrate importance.

“You can’t drink that soda, because you’ll miss out on drinking ours.” That is one company demonstrating value and importance.

A good brand with solid designs for their products that serve as the public face of the company convey this importance.

Wrap Up

It should hopefully be a little bit clearer as to how important branding is. It should also be clear how important great graphic design is to developing a powerful brand.  Those businesses that try to cut corners and don’t put an emphasis on the importance of their graphics will almost always lose out to less valuable competitors who understand this element of marketing.