So you’ve come to the conclusion that your brand presentation is looking outdated, that your website is far from engaging, and that your positioning strategy needs a change. If you’re seeking help from an agency for a brand refresh or a web redesign, you need to be able to ask the right questions and work with the agency in the right manner to get the maximum value you can possibly get. Here are some tips to follow whether you’ve started working with an agency already or you’re in the midst of talking to a couple of agencies.

1. Find Somebody with Experience in Your Industry

While an agency can still deliver results without having worked for clients in the same industry you belong to, it will be advantageous to work with one with the experience. Their experience will really give you insight into what works and what doesn’t work so that you can avoid costly mistakes. It also means that the project will move forward at a faster rate since the agency already knows how to proceed.

2. Find an Agency that You Can Collaborate With

Some agencies want to be in charge of the whole process, but it is very valuable to collaborate on a big brand refresh project. You can really come up with something outstanding by getting your marketing team to brainstorm with the agency. It is also beneficial to work with an agency that opens its doors for collaboration so that your vision and goals are met throughout each step of the project.

3. Figure Out What Your Budget Will Get You

What you can achieve with your project obviously is tied to what you are willing to spend. It really pays to really talk to the agency and figure out what your budget can do for your web redesign or rebranding project. By discussing budget, you can explore all your options and figure out which course of action can produce the most value with how much you can spend.

4. Ask About Revisions and Updates

As with most creative projects, revisions and updates will be an unavoidable and required part of the process. You have to figure out how the agency deals with necessary changes. Agencies don’t typically mind revisions but because of the extra time will need to charge you for the time spent on the project. You should also ask when you should make a revision to spend your time and money wisely. For instance, it may not be worth it to get a revision for a logo before your entire brand presentation is redone.

5. Ask the Agency to Come Up with a Solid Plan and Strategy

If there’s no clear plan and strategy for a project, you can be sure that the project will have delays, a lack of direction, and plenty of confusion. A good way to judge an agency is to ask them to define how they’re going to execute the project. Figure out when certain milestones will be met, when certain things will be implemented, and an approximate date of completion. This is especially important if you have a deadline or want the project to be completed to sync with other aspects of your business.