Graphic design is the creation of graphics by an artist  that articulate your brand message, meaning and promise, all by using visual communication.

Branding is incredibly important for a business to get their name recognized by potential customers. Think of how many products people associate the brand name with over the actual name of the product, such as Band Aid becoming a general term for adhesive bandages, while it is actually a trademarked name of one particular manufacturer. What can also help in creating a brand name that customers will familiarize themselves with is a logo created with graphic design.

While some of the best logo design examples seem incredibly simple, the amount of though the designer has put into making them memorable is what has helped the company succeed with their branding initiative. For example, take a look at the logo design for TV network Comedy Central: it appears similar to the “circle C” character used to show copyright, the circle is actually another letter C. It subliminally shows that Comedy Central is so synonymous with comedy, they could hold the copyright.

Apart from branding, companies that use catalogs or brochures to advertise their business also need high-quality design to attract customers. If the brochure design or catalog design does not appeal to the customer, they may take their business elsewhere. First impressions are key to gaining and retaining customers and a slick looking brochure design or catalog design will ensure that they have a lasting impression of quality from your business.

All of these examples show clearly why it is imperative to hire the best graphic designers for the job and not just anyone with a computer and the right software. Having the tools to create means nothing without the talent.