When selecting the appropriate channel to execute your marketing efforts, you may wonder which would make a bigger impact: web or print? While both web and print marketing can be effective, it is helpful to know how each medium can help you succeed in your marketing efforts.


It’s common knowledge that print marketing has been around for much longer than digital. Consequently, this medium is often seen as more authentic and trustworthy. It is also much more expensive to execute than web marketing, which leads people to believe that there is more time and effort involved. Additionally, printed material is better able to control the reader and keep them focused by directing the eye to move over information, selectively looking at objects, and using the white space to enhance page elements. 


The big advantage of having a web presence is that it is available to your customers anytime –– and since almost everyone has constant and immediate access to the web, this is extremely convenient. Forms, brochures, and other materials can be downloaded instantly, and since it is much easier to make changes digitally, your information can always be up to date. Websites and digital marketing pieces allow you to communicate to your audience more often. On top of that, it is relatively inexpensive to execute. Web marketing also allows you to make your presentation interactive, dynamic, and personalized which can ultimately be more engaging with audiences. 

Consistency in Web and Print

Finding just the right balance between web and print marketing can save your company time and money, which can strengthen your brand as a result. When the two mediums work together, they make stronger statements and messages.  But the bottom line is that your messaging needs to be consistent across both mediums in order to be effective for your brand. 

While there are advantages and disadvantages of both web and print marketing methods, the best strategy is to use a combination of both. Combining both forms of communication medias is proven to deliver the best results and strengthen brand awareness.