A core component of our agency culture is continuing to innovate, design and create best practices for UI/UX design. We are continuously looking for a way to approach data to create a model digital experience. Serving many different industries, it is critical that there is accurate data to support our design product. 

Agency Approach to VZ-X

Our team works in a collaborative environment. From developers, strategists and designers we are always working on a wide range of projects. Clients work with us because we take a hands-on approach to the work we create. Which means that we are always searching for the best tools to assist in our ways of testing. Since we are always looking to work the most efficient way possible. Tools that are easy to use and provide ease to our work process, are always helpful in our work process. The IPEVO VZ-X, used traditionally as an interactive teaching tool, the technology sparked ideas in our UX team, interested to test its application for upcoming projects. 

How to Utilize IPEVO VZ-X

VZ-X products are developed with a unique “experience-driven Design Process”, which directly aligns with the ArtVersion approach at all levels of discipline. The traditional user process, VZ-X is able to monitor a user testing web design. Simple, intuitive and flexible, VZ-X is critical when testing journeys for clients and internal scope that require the implementation of usability testing, journey mapping and beyond. At every level of initial assessment, it became clear that VZ-X technology could be an integral asset to User Journey mapping, A/ B Testing, UX strategy and overall user testing for the ArtVersion team and digital product designers and developers worldwide.

Strategy Integration

VZ-X is a strategic UX directional tool for our web design phase with regard to UI review and across the design of digital platforms and products. When we can record and observe a user through the journeys and pathways that we have created in UI/UX designs, the next stages of optimization are more accurate and provide the necessary insight to validate concepts and ideas and make refinements before development and ultimate launch to a mass market. VZ-X is able to connect to any type of device and has a long-lasting battery, which assists in remote work. From there, we properly make the correct adjustments in our designs that help us create the final product for the client. Additionally, The HDMI and USB 8 MP assisted in capturing real-time interactivity and images to our Apple TV, computer andIOS/Android devices.

VZ-X Versatility

As our team discovered, applicable implementations expand far beyond the educational market. Of course, a UX team within a digital agency – but a wide segment of stakeholders inclusive of marketing and insight teams, board members and product development managers who have a goal of deeply understating their user, client and consumer. With the use of the IPEVO technology, instead of engaging heavy IT to mitigate projecting cables, we are able to focus on the projects at hand, with the VZ-X directly connecting to TV projection featuring crystal clear quality. 

How VZ-X Profited Our Agency

IPEVO VZ-X works for our agency on all levels. VZ-X has replaced trail with a solution that helps us present accurate data to clients while allowing us to compile data and share it with our team. VZ-X allows us to present experience-driven data that we can deliver to the client in real-time while saving time, money and other precious resources. While there are existing and emergent ways to record and test usability, the VZ-X is effortless and undemanding for our team. Our collaborative environment is highly agile with many moving parts on a daily basis, so if this tool gives us a more precise outcome with less oversight, then that a clear solution for us.