The Impact of Company Websites on Consumers

Person with glasses points to a desktop screen.

In today’s market, consumers are constantly flocking to the Internet to research companies and brands. Therefore, it is more important than ever that companies establish a professional online presence to serve as an invaluable first impression.

The web design is an imperative characteristic that is equally important as the overall website content. A poor web design appears uninviting and it is proven that users on visually appealing websites with a clean and elegant user interface design will spend a longer time on the site. In turn, this creates an increased opportunity for sales conversion and familiarizing consumers with the brand which turns in to brand loyalty and brand recognition. As social media usage rises, it is necessary to maintain a professional appearance on these third party websites as well to promote both online profiles. Twitter and Facebook become so important nowadays that many consumers are rather visiting brand pages then digging for the information on a corporate website.

Additionally, to sway purchasing decisions in the upward direction, sophisticated web design is a must. Template looking pages with a poor content do not sit well with consumers. When communicating a brand’s mission, the website design should feature the company’s mission, philosophy and culture as well as nicely crafted corporate identity elements such as logo, elements and colors. Easy navigation and clean user interface design is equally important. The use of distracting flashy text, bells-and-whistles or music is considered unprofessional by industry standards. A modest, yet professional website is almost always the most effective online presence versus anything that is overdone or cumbersome.

Lastly, as the current market demands for corporate websites are on the rise, consumers are educated and technically savvy. Typical baying decision is made on a spot, within a split second. A proper design may prove beneficial to the brand’s employees as well, by empowering and busting self-esteem.

Engaging with customers through interactive elements can help overall web experience as well. Feedback tools can quickly be installed which allow for consumer suggestions, complaints and needs to be easily communicated. Live-chat options become standard for any serious ecommerce operation.

When a website design is efficient, the company should expect a positive outcome as a result.