Anyone who has browsed around ArtVersion’s website knows we are a big proponent of checklists.  Being able to answer a few key questions is a great way to gauge where you are at during any stage of a project.

For example, the questions we pose when working on a project are:

  1. Is it in keeping with your business plan, strategy and sales logic?
  2. Does it inform, educate, enlighten or entertain your prospect?
  3. Is it both well planned and well designed?
  4. Does it offer a solution to a prospect’s problem?
  5. Will it reach the right audience at the right time with minimal waste?
  6. Is it a partial campaign, and does it have consistency with collateral materials?
  7. Does it explain why your company is different than your competitors’?
  8. In the long run, will it bring in at least twice as much revenue as it costs?
  9. Is it different from your competitors’?

Knowing the answers to the hard questions will result in a finished product that is well thought out and effective.