The use and benefits of a microsite can many times go under the radar when strategizing for marketing initiatives. In reality, they are a valuable tool in promoting an event, campaign or product launch.

In its most basic form, a microsite is a website that features affiliated or branded content from a specific company or organization – but that is located away from the actual homepage of the business itself. The site has its own URL, however some companies choose to create a similar extension that references the business home page URL.

To understand whether a microsite is a good fit, a team must determine if it meets the needs and goals of their marketing program.


Because of the fact that a microsite is housed by its own URL, an entirely new Search Engine Optimization system can be built. Since users will be driven to the site because of one specific purpose, the keywords can be deeply targeted to the content on the site and should be a favorite of search engines. Consider adding a blog to increase prospecting and lead generation even more.

Product & Campaign Promotion

A microsite is a powerful solution to promote a specific campaign or product. Once on the site, users are driven to the immediate purpose of the site, rather than having to navigate multiple pages and non-essential content to get the information they need. Creating an environment for an event or product launch can also create a level of anticipation and excitement that cannot be accomplished on the main site.

Targeted Messaging & Focused Branding

The use of microsite is perhaps the utmost in usability and user experience. Potential and existing customers can easily find information specific to the product, event, campaign or project. Branding can be fine-tuned to the target messaging including image curation and content strategies.

Time to Launch

Microsites tend to take less time as they are faster to develop. This is due in large part to the number of pages (or lack of) and generally more streamlined, straightforward content. Whether choosing to treat a microsite as a temporary marketing tool or even as a long term addition, maintenance also tends to be easier.


For the budget-minded, microsites are a lifesaver. Because they are less involved than a full site, and easier to maintain – they tend to be less expensive all around. Lowered cost, however, doesn’t have to mean basic. Microsite design can be as complex or as minimal as the campaign requires.