Because of size and reach, enterprise businesses must be equipped with a scalable and secure web presence to compete in their markets. As a result, new enterprise WordPress VIP and plugins are being developed to provide a more robust system and streamline processes for brands of all shapes and sizes. If you’re already an alternate free theme or third party theme for your WordPress site or another platform altogether, here’s are some strong reasons to invest in WordPress for enterprise.

Digital Content Management Infrastructure

Developing a custom theme will make it easier to build and manage your website. With a central content hub or decoupled CMS, you can customize the admin user interface to your company’s needs, you won’t have to waste time trying to figure out what to do or having to deal with an unintuitive setup. You can add shortcuts, tools such as Edit Flow and apps like REST API to more seamlessly and easily consume and interact with your content, automate necessary tasks and even improve upon them as your organization’s needs as the platform and your business expands.

Performance and Flexibility

Loading speed is something that isn’t talked about enough. When you use a third party or free theme, you don’t know how optimized it is for speed. The way that things are coded does make a difference in how quickly your website functions and loads. The WordPress containerized hosting approach is made to run large scale, high profile WordPress sites and optimized for the best possible performance.


Even if your website looks and functions adequately, it won’t help you stand out from other websites and competitors. By investing in developing your own unique theme, you get to create a presentation that lets people instantly know that you’re different from other websites and there’s something more for them to explore. You are also allowing your brand to shine, especially if you are designing around your brand identity.

Core Web Technologies 

Since its introduction, WordPress has proven themselves by providing a scalability that allows for developments in technology. The platform allows plugins of all types, which accounts for much of their success and adoption over the years. Because site owners have complete control of what is added to its base platform, enterprise administrators, designers and developers can manage their own installs and add custom code all in an easy-to-use framework. The process is streamlined, so new functionality can be added easily and with little training for internal teams.

Greater Control

Because enterprise sites usually require localization, microsite and translations – custom enterprise solutions provide clearly defined permissions and access for multiple users. Additionally, with a WordPress site specifically developed for enterprise, you will get the full advantage of setting up your site structure and code in a way that gives you the best possible advantage. You can say that focusing on all the little details to get your site optimized is overkill. But in an era where search competition and updates make getting ranked and keeping rankings challenging, all the small things count.

These are some strong reasons why it’s a good idea to invest in WordPress design and development. WordPress is a great platform that offers you many options and customizations. But if you’re getting to the point where you are starting to expand your company or are an existing enterprise, you’ll get to a point where your needs from the platforms will stretch beyond what’s available.