To design and develop an impactful website, there must be specific design elements, calls to actions, and interactions that engage the user dynamically and engagingly. Good design is in the details, and creating a user experience that will excite, resonate, and convert users to the brand’s service or product is a best practice solution and overall goal. 

Influential Journeys and Pathways 

When creating a journey and pathway that will engage the user throughout a website is done through specific design details and development elements that the user experiences. By placing certain design elements, such as iconography and even the typography, these details impact the totality of the brand. Statically curating these specific elements to engage the user throughout the website, is done through user testing analysis and identifying key user personas for the brand. 

Content Hierarchy

The content throughout a website is placed and created to tell a story. When reading a book, the book begins by setting the scene, not jumping right into the story arch, which is how developing a content hierarchy works as well. By creating a tonality that the user will identify with but also want to learn more about, is a crucial strategy for converting users. 

Meaningful Interactions 

Purposeful design is the practice of designing with data in mind, not just ascetics. The details of each design element are carefully implemented to impact the user when they first experience a design. This also applies to market and advertising practices, by placing in meaningful interactions builds trust with the user and gets them excited to purchase or use a product or brand. 

“How do we return to meaningful interaction? Focus on the audience, the customer, the user, give them an experience they value, (longer-term thinking than short-term stock market KPIs!).” – Adweek

The authentic design is executed through intentional journeys and pathways that value the user and engage them uniquely and excitingly. Learning about user personas and best practices of user experience assists with creating a website that will impact the user and build a relationship with a brand.