UX and UI Design to the Rescue

Graphic design on a laptop that reads "Going us Online." in orange text.

User interface design in a nut shell is the development of web based applications that are easy for users to understand that are not only functional but complete. If this is the idea of your interface model everything else will fall into place with your interface application. Whether you’re an up and coming entrepreneur or an avid blogger that is interested in broadening your Internet audience, your own personal website may be the way to gain more awareness of your product, business, or an organization that you represent. If this is the case you will need to acquire the assistance of an experienced User Interface designer. In order to make the right User Experience you should have a clear idea about what you would like your website or web app to look like.

User Interface Design is a creative process that requires a certain consistency intertwined with creativity that allows the finished product to flow naturally and be user friendly and 100 percent functional. Usability is always a key. When designing a UI for a web page you will find that customers have a million ideas of what they want their application, but it is up to you the UX specialist to have set design standards and models that allow you to be consistent in building an excellent UI design that will stand out and remain easy to use and functional as well. If your User Experience stands out enough and receives enough views and traffic you could be the next big thing and gain world wide notoriety like the makers of facebook, twitter, and Google.

The best User Interface Design practice is to make a list of the top 10 websites you have ever visited and find five good, and five bad reasons that would make you either continue visiting the site of stop visiting the site completely. Base your decision on several types of users, ranging from the user that has limited computer skills to the user that is highly skilled and experienced. Developing a good system of pros and cons will help enhance the UX ten fold and increase traffic to the customers site as well as provide a good reference and tool for you add to your portfolio for potential customers in the future. When designing a page keep in mind that customers will have their own ideals of what they want their site to look like, but as the UX expert it is your job to meet them in the middle.