Have you ever been handed a card with a great logo design on it? Ever wondered what it took to get that design just right for the branding process?

Corporate Identity Design is more than just pasting a logo on receivable items. It is about extending your brand and includes all of your contact information, as well as brand messages. The basic concept is to keep your image, colors and styles the same throughout everything it’s placed on.

What Promotional Items Are Used For Corporate Identity Design

  • Invoices/statements
  • Proposal/quote templates
  • Email templates and signatures
  • Envelopes
  • Letterhead
  • Mailing Labels
  • Fax Covers
  • Memos
  • Signage
  • Any type of promotional Items

It is said that many companies tend to overlook the importance of email templates and proposal templates. Most money and time is spent developing the business card which is a small mistake when trying to create a brand for your business. Corporate Identity Design consists of taking advantage of all those different outlets and making them just as important as the other.

The one thing that needs to be paid attention to when trying to develop Corporate Id is to make sure that all your colors, fonts and designs are all consistent. The layout of your Corporate ID should be consistent throughout your promotional items as well. Focusing on professionalism and consistency is what makes for a successful logo design a great branding foundation.

Making sure that every Corporate ID has a brand on it will help develop a professional relationship between you and your customers. Another thing to manage properly is the quality of your business cards. Spending money on the logo design but not spending money on the material doesn’t reflect great corporate branding.

With every business comes a team of people to help make it successful. It will help if you kept a strong inventory of your branding templates to help keep them from being lost or misplaced. This will help you stay consistent when it comes to keeping your identity the same throughout all of your promotional materials.

Your corporate design helps identify you and is extremely important when building a memorable brand. Consistency is the most important factor when it comes to creating a brand. The more people see your Logo, at best it can help create a trust that can lead to lasting relationships.